First time i came here, i felt so much different with my hometown. This place was so quiet. Until now still so quiet compared to my hometown, Yogyakarta and Palembang. I could not imagine if i must stay here for around 2 years. But i did it. I’ve got a lot of new things here. People, food, neighborhood, etc. Then, with so much challenges and happiness,  my study in UTM is finished. Now, i have to leave this country, Malaysia, to start a new life (again) in a place that i do not know yet. New challenges will come up to be faced and conquered. It is so hard to leave because i have a lot of friends here. Same feeling when i had to continue to university and separated from my highschool friends. Wise man says that nothing is permanent except change itself.

So, i would like to say thanks a lot to all my friends, brothers, sisters, and i am sorry if  i made mistakes during my study.

Thanks to my classmates:

Azeana, Dorina, Sis. Finie, Ina, Nadra, Kima, Sis. Azi, Mohd. Amin, Amminudin, Idham, Chang, Ong, Garang, Asyraf, Niki Haikal, Ali Khais, Ammar Ali, Ahmed Eltwati, Amir, Arman, Iman, Mr. Hosseini, Anwar 86, Ekhwan, Ariff, Fahmi, Azizi, Shazni, Fauzi Mazuki, Fauzi Isa, M. Hanapi, Imran, Wasid, Nima Zalfi, Nima Jahandar, Javid, Ali Payam, Fariz, Oon Erixno.


Thanks to Futsal Sabtu Pagi, Voli Sabtu Sore, and Pingpong mates:

Cici, Mr. Muhardi, Anasrudin, Arief HS, Mr. Aulia, Azzam, Mr. Bimo, Mr. Dadan Ramdan, Mr. Deris, Edy, Abdi, Faruq, Fitra, Mr. Hamzah, Mr. Hartono, Imamul, Mr. Indra, Mr. Zul Fatman, Okky, Mr. Mardiyono, Mr. Imran, Mr. Qomaruddin, Mr. Munawar, Mr. Broto, Mr. Bowo, Zaini, Rudy, Mr. Tole, Mr. Toni, Mr. Heru, Mr. Dadan, Mr. Feri, Mr. Efriza, Mr. Arien, Mr. Rahim, Mr. Ahmad Haya, Mr. Sahar, Mr. Zaid, Mr. Mustamin, Mr. Iqbal, Reza Racun, Ipenk, Ditto.


Thanks to hangout mates:

Habibi Ibrahim, Lanang Ardi, Mr. Umar KN, Ms. Windi, Ms. Fili, Mr. Bimo, Mr. Agung Mataram, Mrs. Noorly, Mr. Irfan Jambak, Mr. Zainuddin, Mrs. Suzan Agustri, Mahani, Chika, Ida, Titi, Nadra.

Thaaaaaaaaanx… to all of you…i’m sorry if i cannot mention all of your name here….Sayonara!


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One Response to Farewell

  1. Nima Zalfi says:

    Ganjur; I’m so happy to have such good friends like u. we are still friends. we had great times together. I was thinking 3, 4 days ago that I finished my study and I have many memories when I think about assignment, project, futsal, etc..

    I never forget you and all my classmates.

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